HR Analytics

Enhance HR effectiveness and make return on human capital investment

HR analytics is the key to more informed decisions about your human capital. MindKey HR Analytics delivers comprehensive dashboards and reports that provide high-level, real-time data related to the most critical measures of HR success.

HR Analytics result in greater HR efficiencies

Measure, monitor and report on the workforce

MindKey HR analytics enable an organization’s decision makers to focus on monitoring workforce performance, analyzing key workforce trends and making strategic decisions that enhance the efficiency and profitability of the company.

By monitoring, measuring and publishing results, confidence can be built and workforce intelligence becomes embedded in the organizations culture.

Dashboards in MindKey reflect efforts to align real-time analysis of organizational and HR processes as well as an increased capacity to aggregate organizational data. Dashboards also contain business unit analyses to permit managers to drill down to examine metrics on several levels within the organization.

Create rich analysis and share your insights

HR Analytics contributes by driving insights to action

By using analytics, organizations can more effectively manage and improve performance.

MindKey HR analytics can help an organization improve its profitability through more effective workforce cost control, balancing the lowest effective headcount while ensuring satisfactory service delivery.

MindKey will help managers to answer questions, gain insights from information at hand, then make relevant decisions, and take appropriate actions. As compliance reporting requirements increase, and more data and analysis are required, HR software like MindKey becomes even more valuable.

HR key numbers for HR process optimizing

HR analytics improve workforce recruiting, performance and learning

HR analytics have taken on new importance as organizations strive to hire, develop, and retain the best employees to remain competitive in fields where efficiency and human expertise can make the difference.

HR departments already work closely with management to understand company goals and then automate HR processes to translate these goals into staffing needs, expected employee performance, and the skills and knowledge employees must have to meet these short- and long-term company goals.

Using analytics requires asking the right questions that address key organizational pain points and determining the metrics and best practices that will move the company toward greater productivity.

MindKey HR analytics help improve employee performance and get return of investment.

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