Discussion Management

Improved employee effectiveness, engagement, and loyalty

Manage one-on-one discussions to strengthen collaboration between managers and employees with effective planning tool, flexible conversation forms and documentation for feedback and agreements and expectations going forward. MindKey helps to manage and assure the quality of all types of HR relevant discussions.

Interview Schedule for preparation and documentation

Create targeted interview forms for the entire organization

MindKey can be adapted to the company’s own conversation concepts and can vary for groups of employees .

An interview schedule used to prepare for the interview and the subsequent conclusion. An interview schedule can contain a combination of a questionnaire and feedback of relevant skills and goals for each employee.

The flexibility of the design of interview schedules to ensure a strong and effective implementation of the preparation and follow-up interviews for managers and employees.

Effective discussion planning

Effective planning conversation with an overview of progress

It’s easy and effective for talks in MindKey. It is possible to plan for all employees or for specific groups based on the choice of departments, jobs or other relevant information.

Based on the reporting structure the system automatically suggests the individual’s head, and both parties will receive an email invitation with advice on interview form. Both the HR function and the leader ensured a good overview of progress and follow-up.


Overview and reporting

Report preparation, monitoring and documentation

Reporting to the HR function, managers and employees give all parties an easy access to view and print relevant information from preparation to results and conclusions.

HR function can follow the progress of the entire organization and analyze across the organization and the individual leader can for its employees.

Both managers and employees have access to previously completed questionnaire and assessments.

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