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A single system of record to manage your entire workforce from hire to retire

Manage your workforce with ease including intuitive self-service capability. We are dedicated to building the best integrated Human Resource Management, Talent Management and Performance Management tools.

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Human Resource Management

MindKey delivers all the HRM functionality you need in one central system of record. Track all HR information about your employees, including personal information, employment history, organization structure, jobs and positions and much more.

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MindKey recruitment will help organizations achieve true visibility across the entire talent acquisition process, making it easier to acquire the best talent. Automate repetitive tasks, and shorten the hiring cycle for consistently better hiring results.

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Absence Management

MindKey absence management allows you to manage all of your absences in one place so that you can get the complete picture. Manage your absence policies through automation, visibility, and intuitive self-service.

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Competency Management

Implement a comprehensive competency catalogue and determine your organization’s overall talent level. MindKey competency management include job requirements, assessments, skill profiles, gap analysis and reporting and powerful search tools.

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Learning Management

MindKey learning management systems enabling you to develop, deploy, manage, and report a comprehensive learning program. MindKey learning management provides everything you need to build powerful learning solutions tailored to your needs.

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Goals & Performance

MindKey’s performance management transforms your procedures for aligning people to strategy, measuring performance, and rewarding success into highly engaging, personalized development plans that inspire greatness. MindKey performance management is a highly configurable solution that lets you assess performance and gather feedback on an ongoing basis to get the best results out of your employees.

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Succession & Development

MindKey helps you identify, develop, and retain talent at every level of your company, keeping your workforce responsive and flexible. With MindKey’s career development tools, you can chart professional growth and manage development opportunities across your entire workforce.

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Employee Surveys

The right insights at the right time drive smart decisions about workforce strategy, programs and investments. MindKey’s employee surveys help you reach those insights by translating direct input from your people.

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HR Analytics

Harness HR analytics for better-informed workforce planning and improve decision making with deeper insight into talent management. Measure and monitor how your HR strategy aligns with business goals.

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A single system of record to manage your entire workforce from hire to retire

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